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P6 Arts Learning Journey to the Esplanade 2018

Our Primary 6 students went on an ARTS Learning Journey to the Esplanade on 22 October. 

Shannon Goh and Ambika Menon from Burgundy 6 penned down some of their reflections of the trip.

• The Esplanade is so clean and beautiful and looked like a picture-perfect portrait.

• It is a good place for tourists to come and visit to enjoy Singapore’s nature

• Our favourite part of the learning journey was the photo exhibition on orphans in China. We were touched to see that many orphans have grown up to be successful adults, despite the adversity they had gone through when they were young.

• Our next favourite part was the window drawings. It felt so real and we felt like we were transported to a peaceful jungle. The drawings gave us a feeling of peace and calm. 

• The Esplanade is a beautiful place to visit and we would definitely go back to visit it.