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P5 Nature Trail to East Coast Park 2019

The Primary 5 students went on a nature trail to East Coast Park in Term 2. It was an enriching experience for them   as they learnt about the flora and fauna found in the park. They were also given the opportunity to apply mathematical concepts they have learned in real-life contexts. The trail was well-received by both the parent volunteers as well as the students. It was a great way to create a greater awareness of nature around us, which  would hopefully lead to a love of our environment, which is our natural heritage.

Alexandria Ng from Amethyst 5 said that the trail was very educational and she learnt to identify different trees, plants and fruits and their various uses. She also felt that learning outside the classroom motivated her to want to know more about the subject.

Tiffany Lim from Mocha 5 said that the trail was interesting. She learnt many new things and facts about some unusual plants and realised that nature was not that boring after all. She really enjoyed this nature trail and looks forward to learn more about nature!