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Principal's Message

Dear IJ Girls, 

Our School was founded in 1930 and we will celebrate our School’s 90th Anniversary this year. The School has planned to have a Combined School Mass with Katong Convent, a Commemorative Book consisting of quotes and reflections from 90 IJ Girls and A Year- End 90th Anniversary Concert at the Victoria Concert Hall. However, due to the current COVID-19 Pandemic Situation, we will be postponing our School 90th Anniversary Plans till 2021.

Our P6 Graduands have done extremely well at the 2019 PSLE.  100 % of our P6 Graduates were eligible for Secondary School and 83.3 % of them have been placed in the Express Stream. All our subjects are above the National Average with a number of them achieving 100% Passes. We would like to warmly congratulate them as they begin their Secondary School Journey.

The Vision of CHIJ (Katong) Primary is to nurture our IJ Girls: “From Girls to Women of Grace and Substance”. The School’s Curriculum is anchored on its four School Virtues of Respect, Integrity, Compassion and Self-Discipline. The School has three Strategic Thrusts which are: ST1: Excellence in Cognitive Development, ST2: Excellence in Sports & Aesthetics and ST3: Excellence in Character Building. We want our IJ Girls to be Self-Directed Learners who Learn for Life; Active Contributors who demonstrate the School Virtues. The School provides a Holistic School Experience through Strong Partnerships with our Parents, Alumni and the IJ Family of Schools.

The School’s Learning for Life Programme (LLP) is on Student Community Leadership. This means that the School will augment its Character & Citizen Education (CCE) Programmes and Student Leadership Programmes to develop students who are care for the Disadvantaged.

The School’s Applied Learning Programme (ALP) is to develop Competent, Confident and Respectful Communicators. This ALP builds on the School’s Historical Strength in producing Confident and Eloquent Speakers. The School uses school wide pedagogies such as Co-operative Learning (CoL), Assessment for Learning (AfL) and the Student Learning Space to develop students who are articulate and just.

Our passionate teachers spark our Girls’ interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) activities through the Girls-Like-Tech Programme. Our Girls also actively participate in Maker’s Space and i-ENRICH Activities conducted by our Staff.

Since 2018, the School has a 10-Day Timetable to ignite a Joy of Learning and to support our Holistic Curriculum. For example, P3 Swimming Lessons, Integrated Project Work and Integrated Learning Journeys are conducted within School Hours. The School has a “No Homework Day” on Mondays to give our Girls time to pursue their interests and a one-hour Recess Time every Term to let our Girls enjoy a range of activities.

The School conducts interesting Departmental Programmes.  The Programme for Active Learning (PAL) for P1 and P2 Girls consists of Gym, Outdoor Education, Dance and Visual Arts. The Shining Star Programme affirms Girls who demonstrate the School Values by Teachers giving them Stars, leading to them becoming a Model Student of the Term. The Be a Buddy Programme enhances peer support in our School.

The School has embarked on an Art-In-Clay-Nation to introduce Ceramics to our P4 Girls. Our P3 and P4 Girls will choose their Modular CCA to allow them to try out two CCAs per year. There are Math & Arts Trails to The Zoo for P3 Girls, Science & Math Trails at Gardens by the Bay for P4 Girls.   The Science Fun Day is a day when our Science Monitors conduct simple science experiments to explain scientific concepts to the Lower Primary Girls. The School conducts E2K Programme in Science and Mathematics. Top P4 & P5 Science and Mathematics Girls are selected by teachers to deepen their Science & Mathematics Concepts and Process Skills through Peer Collaboration.

Our Values-in-Action Programme allows our P5 Girls to interact and conduct activities for students from the Towner Gardens School. This collaboration with Towner Gardens School is now in its 16th Year. Our P5 Girls will participate in a P5 Adventure Camp in October 2020. Our Social Skills Programme also teach our Girls how to make friends and to behave well in School.

Our Save the Earth Programme encourages our P1 to P6 Girls to bring their own utensils on Wednesdays and Thursdays for Recess. The canteen stalls also do not provide drinking straws. Our Staff are encouraged to bring their own plates, cups and utensils for Staff Meals. We would like to thank our Daddy Volunteers for helping to collect recycled materials from the classrooms for recycling every month.

P6 Career Awareness Day is conducted by Former IJ Girls and it allows our P6 Girls to explore various career options. The IJ Day of Recollection enables our P6 Girls to recall happy memories over their past six years in School. The Change & Transition Workshop to help P6 Girls prepare for Secondary One in 2021.

The School has built a strong partnership with our Central Parent Council (CPC) and Ms Tan Boon Nee is the CPC Chairperson. The CPC activities this year consist of P1 Parent Forum, Ceramics Programme and Teachers’ Day Celebrations.  Finally, we would like to thank the Infant Jesus (IJ) Board of Management for their unwavering support for the eleven CHIJ Schools. 

Simple Dans Ma Vertu, Forte Dans Mon Devoir

Mrs Judina Cheong