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Principal's Message

Dear Parents and CHIJ Girls,

Here’s wishing you and your families a blessed, peaceful 2022, filled with love, laughter and good health.

The Vision of CHIJ (Katong) Primary is to nurture our CHIJ Girls: “From Girls to Women of Grace and Substance”.

As a CHIJ school, we are clear in our sense of mission and purpose for staff and for our girls:
    • That we are a Christ-centred school community where all work together for the promotion of truth, justice, freedom and love, with special reference to the needs of persons who are disadvantaged in any way.
    • That we are an Inclusive Community that believes in the worth and dignity of each person.
    • That education is well – rounded so that each child’s unique talents and potential are valued.

The School’s Curriculum is anchored on the four School Virtues of Respect, Integrity, Compassion and Self-Discipline.

The School has three Strategic Thrusts which are:
    • ST1: Excellence in Cognitive Development;
    • ST2: Excellence in Sports & Aesthetics and;
    • ST3: Excellence in Character Building.

Through these thrusts, we hope to develop our CHIJ Girls to be Self-Directed Learners who Learn for Life and who are Active Contributors who demonstrate our School Virtues for the betterment of self and community.

The School’s Learning Directions are:
    • Differentiated Instruction (DI);
    • Co-operative Learning (CoL);
    • Assessment for Learning (AfL);
    • Design Thinking to teach our girls how to solve problems creatively and innovatively.

School Theme for the Year – ‘Our Journey’.

The school’s theme for 2022 – ‘Our Journey’ – encapsulates our hopes and dreams – as we navigate this year together.

A journey to love God.png A journey to love myself.png A journey to love others.png

What does ‘Journey’ mean to us?

A journey is full of life experiences, lessons and challenges, but it is also filled with joy and fulfillment.
It is one where the act of getting there is just as important as getting there itself.
The key word however, in this theme, is not ‘Journey’ but the word ‘Our’.
‘Our’ means to journey together and to journey as a community and as a family – staff, students, and parents.

2021 PSLE Results

Our 2020 P6 Cohort did very well for their PSLE, and we could not be more proud of them, especially considering the challenges that the pandemic had posed for them. They met these challenges head – on, with resilience and adaptability, and with great motivation. 100% of them passed their PSLE and are eligible for secondary school. We warmly congratulate them and wish them well as they start their Secondary School Journey. We are confident that the 2022 P6 cohort will also do well for their PSLE.

Key areas of focus for teaching and learning

2022, and the immediate years ahead will see the school focus on the key areas of cultivating the Joy of Life – long learning; and in developing Active Contributors and Caring Citizens.

The infographics below capture the key programmes and structures to bring these key areas to fruition.

The Joy of Learning.png
Active contributors and caring citizens.png

Supportive Partnerships:

The School has a strong partnership with our parents. We are happy to announce that Mrs. Alaine Poon and Ms. Rachel Kong will continue to be the 2022 Central Parent Council (CPC) Chairpersons. The school also thanks the Infant Jesus (IJ) Board of Management for its professional advice and strong support for the School.

We are also looking forward to working with each of you to grow and develop your daughter into young women of grace and substance.

May God protect and keep you and your family safe.
Mrs. Mischa Simon
Principal/CHIJ (Katong) Primary