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  • P1 to P2 Art Curriculum based on MOE Art Syllabus 2018; P3 to P6 Art Curriculum based on MOE Art Syllabus 2009
  • Ceramics Enrichment Programmes for students

Art Syllabus Content P1 to P6

The learning content outlines the knowledge, skills and values that pupils will acquire to achieve the learning outcomes.

  1. Art Forms e.g. 2D & 3D Fine Art, 2D & 3D Design and Digital Media
  2. Elements of Art and Principles of Design

  1. Art Techniques
  2. Visual Inquiry Skills
  3. Research & Processing Skill
  4. Communication Skills

  1. Art captures imagination (P1 & P2)
  2. Art expresses human emotions (P1 & P2)
  3. Art communicates ideas (P3 & P4)
  4. Art has purposes and functions (P5 & P6)

Students’ Art Assignments

The number of assignments to be completed varies with each class/level. Art teachers ensure that the activities include a variety of media.

2021 Mocha 2 students with their artwork, "Me, Myself and I"


Primary 1 students at work