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The Vision

Passion for the Arts

The Mission Statement

To develop the Arts through the mastery of techniques, aesthetic appreciation and creativity

At CHIJ (Katong) Primary, Music, Art and Performing Arts programmes are aligned to the “Experience, Enrich and Excel” approach. All students have the opportunity to be exposed to the Arts through the various activities in the school. There are programmes planned to further enrich their Arts experience. Opportunities are given to those who have the aptitude to further develop their talent.

The 3E Approach for Aesthetics Development

Assembly Programme


P1/P2 Showcase (Concert and Art Exhibition)

Learning Journeys for all levels

Arts Monitor Workshop/Training

Platforms for performance in school for students not in the Performing Arts CCAs
Arts Monitors represent school in cluster, IJ, national or international events, exhibitions and concerts.

Talented students to be recommended for the SOTA Junior Academy
Art Curriculum
Art Club

Art Exhibition

Art Workshops (Art Appreciation)
National Art Competitions

International Art Competitions

SYF Art Exhibition
Music Curriculum
Enrichment Lessons (Hand Chimes, Ukelele, Guitar, and Garage Band)

Platforms for performance in school: Showcase of students taking music lessons outside school
Platforms for performance locally and overseas

Zonal, National and International Competitions Examinations
Performing Arts CCAs
CCA training sessions

Watch local and overseas performances

School platforms
Exchanges with local schools /workshops

External (local/overseas) platforms

Exchanges with overseas schools
SYF Arts Presentation

Competitions (Non-SYF Year)

Examinations (Certification)

Direct School Admission Exercise

Talented students to be recommended for the SOTA Junior Academy
Ms Christina Lie
Head of Department (Aesthetics)

Mrs Alice Ng
Subject Head (Aesthetics)

Ms Angeline Grace Bitgue
Music Co-ordinator