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Beginning of Year Mass 2016

Fr Eugene Vaz, parish priest of Holy Family Church, celebrated our Beginning of Year Mass this year with the theme of ‘Freedom to Forgive’ to tie in with our school theme, ‘Be Forgiving, Grow in Love’ on 15 January 2016. In his homily, he said that everyone is called to enjoy the mercy of God. Different faiths define God’s mercy in a similar way and our actions and our way of life should reflect our forgiveness and to grow in love. God, the Creator, creates every man and woman to live in harmony so we can reconcile with each other. Therefore we should not do anything that divides us. In the new creation, we should follow the example of God when God says, “I forgive you and I cancel all your debts to me.” When we enjoy and experience God’s forgiveness, then we can forgive others so we all pray to make us free to forgive. Regardless of religion, to be like God is to forgive and together, we grow in love. So we exercise our freedom to forgive and ask God to be true to our faith and word.