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Tang Quartet Classical Adventures 2017

On 1st March 2017, the world renowned and premier string quartet of Singapore, the Tang Quartet performed Classical Adventures at Assembly. Students were introduced to Classical Chamber Music, the differences in appearance and sound range of the instruments of a string quartet, familiar classical tunes, and different techniques of playing the instruments.   

Everyone was captivated with the musicians’ dexterity in playing their strings.  The fun and light-hearted Classical Adventures program took students on an adventure around the world as they tap to the beats of Johannes Strauss Jr.’s Pizzicato Polka, and move to the rhythm of Scott Joplin’s The Entertainer. The program featured music from Germany and Austria by Felix Mendelssohn and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart respectively.  To encourage further understanding and appreciation, the Quartet shared interesting bits of history and stories surrounding these pieces. A lucky student from P5 was invited on stage to join the Quartet on cello in the familiar Indonesian folk tune, Chan Mali Chan.

 “I found the programme interesting because I learnt so many things about music and famous musicians.  I also realized that string instruments can not only play music but also imitate animal sounds.”
Caitlyn Rose Simon (BU5)

“I was amazed at how one instrument can imitate so many sounds in daily life, like the sounds of a cow mooing, car horns, ambulance siren and many more.  I especially liked the piece Chan Mali Chan so much that I clapped to the beat of the song.  Although the instruments looked similar, they all make different sounds and when played together, they make beautiful music.”
Freja Young (Burgundy 6)

After watching the performance, many girls admitted that they have learnt how to appreciate the kind of music performed that day because of the hard work and dedication the musicians put into perfecting their musical pieces.