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SYF Choir Presentation 2018

On Friday, 13 April, 72 of our Choir girls went to SOTA for the 2018 Singapore Youth Festival Arts  Presentation for Choirs (Primary).  They performed the set piece Little Red Dot composed by Liong Kit Yeng and lyrics written by Joshua Ip.  In addition to that, they also performed Antonin Dvorak’s Holub Na JavoreThe Dove and the Maple Tree  and Michael John Trotta’s When I Sing to Make You Dance (text by Rabindranath Tagore).   

Results were finally announced online through the SYF website on 19 April 2018.  Out of the 135 schools which had participated in the presentation, our choir, together with 27 schools, achieved the Certificate of Distinction award.

In preparation for this Arts Presentation, the girls have definitely gained confidence, resilience and developed teamwork which is of paramount importance in their growth as students and singers.