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Safer Internet Day 2019

CHIJ (Katong) Primary commemorated Safer Internet Day (SID) on 20 February to promote safer internet usage. It also aims to invite everyone to engage each other online in a respectful manner to ensure a better digital experience for all.

The global theme for SID 2019 is “Together for a Better Internet”, in line with the key messages of “Be Safe, Be Smart, and Be Kind Online”. Since the beginning of the year, our CCE ambassadors had started preparing engaging and interactive games to lead their peers in games and discussion during their various recesses. The aim of these activities is to remind all to play a part in keeping the internet safe for use. Their hard work had paid off, as they had received overwhelming response from their peers.

When Cyberella made her surprise guest appearance, students made a beeline for her and were engaged by her presence. The Cybersafety messages shared by Cyberella would definitely be etched in their minds.

During assembly, students watched a skit and learnt important skills on how to go about distinguishing between real news from fake news by using 4 simple guidelines “S.U.R.E”.

Renee and Amanda from Burgundy 6, together with Yasmin from Jonquil 6, also shared with the whole school about what SID was and how different countries commemorated SID. With the celebration of SID, our committee aims to inspire our girls to use technology responsibly, respectfully, critically and creatively.

We are delighted to be running two competitions for our students. The lower primary girls (P1 to P3) will be designing a poster on Cybersafety and our upper primary girls (P4 to P6) will be having a writing competition on identifying fake news and on saying no to cyberbullying. We look forward to their entries and cannot wait to publish their works.