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P6 SS Learning Journey to Chinatown 2017

Our Primary 6 students went on a conducted trail of Chinatown on 20 January to explore and learn about the rich heritage of Chinatown. By the end of the trail, the students would have a better understanding and knowledge of the ‘Past and Present Chinatown’ and ‘Life in Chinatown’.  They experienced mobile learning or learning on the move, encompassing the concept of self-directed and collaborative learning.

The actual trail took about three hours for the students to snake through the Chinatown area with a short break at Maxwell Market. Our students were lucky to be able to soak in the bustling festive mood, especially so since it is all lined with the Lunar New Year festive stalls. Armed with an interactive app on a mobile device, each group led by a facilitator, teacher and parent volunteer marched from checkpoint to checkpoint excitedly to complete their task on hand, undaunted by the wet weather at the start.

The students, besides bonding with their classmates also had to take notes, photos and videos of the facts, sights and sounds of Chinatown for their ACEiT project back in school where they will be trained to create a website as a tie-up with this Social Studies learning journey.

Students' Reflections

One thing I value on this trail is the opportunity to learn more about and explore the different cultures of Singapore.  I learnt that we must respect the practices of different religions and not laugh at them. We must also follow the instructions given by the facilitators and teachers to get from one checkpoint to another safely and to have fun.  I would recommend my friends to go on this trail because of many reasons.  I got to use Samsung tablets instead of the usual pen-and-paper.  The facilitators were easy-going and funny. I learned more about Chinatown through a fun and interactive app.  I got to buy delicious local food from Maxwell Market.  There was not much walking but many interesting checkpoints!  I got to learn more about the different cultures in Singapore. I also got to go inside Sri Mariamman Temple and Buddha Tooth Relic Temple. 

Jennifer Nah, EM6

We went on a learning journey to Chinatown on the 20 January. We saw many interesting sights and learnt a lot about the history of Chinatown. We were fascinated by the different temples and mosques and found the acceptance they have for other cultures very amazing. We have learnt the importance of multi-racial harmony and will exemplify this in our words and actions. We would recommend this trail to all of our friends as we found this experience to be extremely enlightening. We also bonded with our classmates.

Kiahna Soltysiak and Freja Young of Burgundy 6

I learnt about the different cultures and religions on this learning journey. I learnt about the Buddhists and Muslims, and about the history of the temples and mosques in Chinatown.

I learnt that we should preserve and treasure our monuments so that the generations to come can also enjoy their beauty and intricate designs as well as learn about their history.

I would recommend this trail to my friends, as the trail not only allows us to learn about the historical monuments, but it also gives us a chance to learn about other religions as well as explore Singapore. Since most of us these days do not take time to explore Singapore and learn about its historical monuments, this trail provided us that opportunity to do so and what better way than with our friends!


Rebecca Lim of Cerise 6