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P6 Overseas LJ to Malacca 2019

This year, our Primary Six girls went to Malacca for an Overseas Learning Journey. They visited UNESCO Heritage Sites like the Dutch Square, A’Famosa Fort and St Paul’s Church. They also had heritage tours of Jonker street and had the opportunity to try batik painting and terompah making at the Nyonya Village. Our P6 girls enjoyed themselves thoroughly and the major highlights of their trip included a visit to a school in Malaysia as well as the Encore Melaka theatre experience.

These are some reflections about the trip from our girls:

“The Malacca trip was indeed a rare and wonderful opportunity for me to bond with my friends, get to know them better and learn to be more independent. Through interactions with my new friends from the IJ school in Johor, I have also learnt to be more confident. Apart from the values I have learnt from this experience, there was, without a doubt, much fun and joy. During the trip, we were fortunate to have the opportunity to try batik and terompah painting, which is not something many get a chance to experience.  In addition, we were able to better understand the history of Malacca after watching the fascinating Encore Melaka show. It was a fruitful trip that I will definitely recommend to my juniors.” - Wong Xin Yu, AM6

“I really loved learning about the rich history of Malacca. I was impressed by the harmony and peace among the locals.        I enjoyed the terompah and batik painting as well as the delicious food during our meals. I had the opportunity to bond with my friends and will never forget this trip.” - Joanna Teo, BU6


“I really enjoyed the trip to Malacca. Not only did we bond with our friends and teachers, we also learnt about the history  of Malacca. The activities were very interesting and fun. I learnt a lot during this trip and I think going for it was very worthwhile.” - Alexis Ng, CE6


“During our trip, we visited a school in Johor Baru. The students there were kind and helpful. We also visited and learnt about the history of temples and mosques.  I can still vividly remember the performance ‘Encore Melaka’ and the 360-degree rotating stage. It was the highlight of my trip. We also had the opportunity to make our own terompahs and paint our own batik. This trip to Malacca has taught me to be independent. I am very grateful for the opportunity to visit  Malacca with my classmates and teachers.” - Shirae Xue, EM6


“I found the trip to Malacca a great opportunity to immerse in the history of another country. Visiting the school was an amazing experience where we got to know students from another country and participate in cultural activities. Our visit to Harmony Street taught us about different cultures and religions. Going to the UNESCO Heritage Sites proved enriching as we learnt about the interesting history of Malacca and its occupants. The icing on the cake was the Encore Melaka show.    It featured a series of touching stories that brought tears to our eyes.  Overall, the Malacca trip was a brilliant experience that we will always treasure. Thank you teachers for organising this trip!” - Megan Woo, JO6


“This Malacca trip has really allowed me to understand the different cultures of other races and religions, their practices and the history of Malacca. I have become a more independent person by organising my clothes, waking up by myself and taking care of each other as peers. I enjoyed visiting the school in Malaysia and learning about their culture. I even made some friends! Painting wooden clogs and batik brought out the creativity in me. The Encore Melaka show was indeed a night to remember. The colourful costumes, moving stage and captivating performance was spectacular. The food served across the 3 days was delicious and the bus rides were long but fun. Lastly, without my teachers, this amazing trip would not have been possible. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity!” - Kiera Nadine, MO6


“During the Malacca trip, we enjoyed visiting the historical sites. We were impressed by the intricate details of the architecture at the various places of worship. During our visit to the school, we played traditional games, ate delicious food and watched performances by the Indian community. We thoroughly enjoyed painting the terompah and batik designs despite things getting a little messy. A fascinating performance, Encore Melaka, took us on a moving journey and highlighted some of the events from the history of Malacca. We were grateful for the trip as we had the opportunity to practise virtues such as responsibility and respect.” - Shir-Lyn and Carissa, MO6