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P6 Career Awareness Day 2019

The P6 Career Awareness Day, held on 6 November, has been a main feature in the post-PSLE programme. This session was organised for our graduating classes to familiarise them with some interesting and much-sought after career options and the different educational pathways. We were proud to have eight of our ex-IJ pupils, who took time off their busy schedules, to share their experiences with their enthusiastic juniors. Apart from learning more about the different occupations and industries, the students had opportunities to interact with the speakers to know more about the working environment. The speakers hail from different industries- ranging from the Arts to Business and Sciences. Our students had learnt much about the different educational pathways that will lead them to the careers found in the different industries. Our students spent a fruitful morning with our engaging speakers. 


We enjoyed the Career Awareness Programme very much.  It was interesting to see how our ex-IJ students have worked hard and achieved their dreams.  The speakers were engaging as they shared their journey all the way from primary school, at IJ (Katong) Primary, to where they are now.  We learnt to never give up and always aim for the stars.  We were inspired by the speakers and we hope one day we can be as successful as them.

Joanne Teo and Emma Squile, Burgundy 6

The Career Awareness Programme helped me to understand about the different careers and the various educational pathways leading to them.  One presenter was the former Head Prefect (2002).  Being the current head prefect, I felt honoured to meet her.  Her leadership skills and constant hard work has enabled her to soar to great heights.  I was inspired and motivated by her.  This was a meaningful and worthwhile programme.

Ellie Lee, Cerise 6