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P5 Nature Trail 2018

Every year, the Primary 5 students go to East Coast Park for a Nature Trail. Organised by the Science department, 3 volunteers from each class were trained to be Nature Guides. The Nature Guides then led their fellow classmates as they walked along East Coast Park and shared facts about the different types of flora and fauna commonly seen in Singapore and along the coast.  

During the Nature Trail, students had to work together in small teams to listen attentively, gather information, and record their observations through notes and photographs. As part of our efforts towards Integrated Learning, students not only gained knowledge related to Science topics such as plant dispersal, but they also have the opportunity to apply the real-world knowledge gained to their IPW project. Through their IPW project, they will weigh the pros and cons of redevelopment versus the conservation of East Coast Park and present their findings through a class presentation.  

The Nature Trail expanded the students’ learning beyond the classroom and encouraged students to be self-directed in their endeavours to gain knowledge about the world around them. It most certainly brought nature closer to the students of CHIJ Katong!