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P5 National Education Show 2019

6th of July was both an exciting and meaningful day for our Primary 5 girls as they came dressed in red t-shirts to attend  the NE Show 2019, celebrating Singapore’s 54th birthday.  This year’s theme “Our Singapore” commemorates our  Singapore bicentennial and allows us to tell our Singapore story from past to present.  “Our” emphasises the collective ownership of Singapore.

The parade was held at the Padang where the first parade was held in 1966.  Our girls were high-spirited as they were   seen swinging and clapping to the beat of the music and waving their mini National Day flags enthusiastically.  They were also treated to stunning spectacle of military parades, multicultural song-and-dance performances, a touching film on the stories of Singaporeans overcoming their struggles and challenges, and a breath-taking display of fireworks.

As the show drew to a close, our girls rose to sing the national theme song, recite the pledge and sing the National  Anthem proudly.

It was definitely a night to remember for our girls as they demonstrated their love and pride for their country.

Lauren from CE5 reflected that she felt very happy to be there with her friends.  This was the first time she watched the show live and it was a very fun experience for her.  She added that she would always remember that day.

Fancesca from EM5 said that it was really exciting.  She liked the part when the tanks started rolling in and the jets flew past.  The singers were very good and the song by the rappers were very meaningful and touching.  The dancers were  really good and their performances were great!  She added that she really enjoyed the time with her friends.