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P4 Gardens by the Bay LJ 2019

On 14 February, the Primary 4 students went to Gardens by the Bay and had a good time going through the Mathematics and Science Trail. It was an engaging learning experience as the pupils discover how Mathematics and Science are all around us.

“Gardens by the Bay is a fun and attractive place for tourists and students to visit. There is a variety of unusual and beautiful plants. On 14 February, my class went there to admire all the plants and to learn about the Math and Science behind the beauty. The plants that really caught my eye were the cacti. Although we came back exhausted, it was a fun and memorable experience for us.” – Victoria Tong, Amethyst 4

“We were able to learn new things in Math and Science like Angles and revise what we learnt last year, like Materials as well as Fractions. The scenery was simply beautiful and we got to observe different species of flowers. I like the succulent activity, whereby we used the clues given on our trail booklet to discover and learn new species of succulents. The trail booklet includes many fun activities, like a crossword puzzle and a math word problem that has the ticket prices. We also worked in a group to help us build teamwork.” – Huang Jia Li, Burgundy 4

“One thing I liked about the Math and Science trail was admiring the flowers. I felt happy when I completed the trail. One Math skill I used was measurement and a new Science fact I learnt was photosynthesis. I think my group and I worked well together because we cooperated with one another.” – Sarah Ann Hoeden, Jonquil 4

“I saw and learnt about many new plants. My favourite station was the Sun Pavilion because there were so many different plants and cacti to see.” – Roshini Periasamy, Mocha 4