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National Day Celebrations 2019

On the 8th of August, we came together as one IJ family to celebrate Singapore’s 54 years of independence. Our morning started with a National Day Observance Ceremony led by our Prefects and Brownies. In the sea of red and white, we sang the National anthem and recited the pledge with pride. To commemorate our past, a Recollection video was played to remind us of the significance of celebrating National Day. Next, to recognise our progress, our teachers hosted a quiz   based on our current iconic landmarks. Finally, before returning to the classrooms for more activities, ActiveSG instructors led the school in the National Day workout. In the weeks leading up to our celebrations, National Day theme songs were played daily so that everyone could sing and groove to our favourite songs during the workout. Our students were seen enjoying themselves with their teachers and friends.

All in all, our girls returned home feeling grateful to be able to call Singapore our home.