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Let's Recycle with Our Fathers and Neighbours 2018

As a post exam activity after SA1, the Science department collaborated with our 'Let's Recycle with our Fathers' group to collect newspapers from the nearby neighbourhood. All P5 and P6 Science monitors and P5 Economy Drive ambassadors were involved and they went from door to door to collect recyclables. During the collection, they interacted with our neighbours and created awareness amongst the community about the need to conserve the environment.

Reflection from
Lejoi Looi Cerise 5
This project is one of the many small ways we can help the Earth.

Amber Faith Cerise 5
I feel that this project is very good as it helps to save the Earth.My actions will affect the environment but if everyone plays a part, we can prevent climate change and indirectly help to heal the Earth. My future plan is to keep East Coast Park clean.

Reflection from one of our fathers
Mr Fabian Ang : A very meaningful project. Girls enjoyed interacting with the community and were very passionate about recycling.