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IJ Ambassadors Visit 2019

IJ Ambassadors made up of several IJ Principals and teachers from all the 11 IJ schools in Singapore convened here at our school on 2 August. It was an afternoon filled with the wonderful sharing of our school’s mission and vision, history of our school, our faith formation programmes for our students and several new programmes such as the CCE programmes and Girls-like-Tech programmes.

Next, our IJ ambassadors took the IJ ambassadors from the other schools for an enriching tour around the school. 
This included visiting the newly launched Heritage Kampung and Street at the basement, Heritage classroom, Heritage Corners, Heritage Gallery Walk, Infant Jesus Garden and the Sanctuary of Love.

Each person was given a small tile to decorate. Once completed, the tiles were collected back so that a tile mural would be formed. Everyone left with a bag of lovely souvenirs which included a memento brooch and a decorative tile, designed by our ICT staff, with a Blessed Nicholas Barre’s saying.

Ms. Magdalene Chin commented, “We all went away truly inspired by the wonderful sharing and the overall experience food was fabulous, the walk around the school was enriching, the tile activity was fun, the goodie bag was a surprise and the family at KC Primary absolutely hospitable.”

Sr Maria was also very thankful as she left us this saying, “You have shared generously with us who you are to the pupils, and you have inspired us not only by the programmes that are interesting and in tune with the modern developments in education but you have shown us what you have done to help each pupil grow as a person in her God-given talents. You have widened her perspective to consider her contribution to society.”