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EAS Appreciation Day 2017

This year’s EAS (Executive & Administrative Staff) Appreciation Day was held on 28th of June 2017. It is a day to show our appreciation to our support staff who are a very important group of people working in our school. There is more to a school community than teachers, students, school leaders and parents. Anyone who has any experience with schools will know how dependent the school is on the people who work behind the scenes to keep things running effectively and efficiently. In a school, it’s important to make sure all pieces of the system work in sync to deliver the best education to all of our students. Thus, it’s especially essential to ensure that we recognize the hard work of our support staff who are with us in this as well. 

The special occasion began with our support staff walking into the hall accompanied by our prefects. Next, a video which was created in appreciation of the work they do in our school was played. Mrs Cheong, our principal, gave a short speech, thanking our support staff for all their hard work and dedication. She then personally handed a token of appreciation to each support staff on stage. Finally, all the support staff enjoyed a hearty buffet meal with the principal and vice-principals.

Mrs Vanitha Kalai