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ARTS Assembly Programme - Chinese Dance Kaleidoscope 2017

On Wednesday, 25 January, the Singapore Hokkien Huay Kuan Dance Theatre Limited performed the Chinese Dance Kaleidoscope at Assembly. Students were introduced to Classical Chinese Dance and Traditional Folk Dance. Everyone was captivated with the dancers’ agility and grace on stage as they watched three items- The Tea Server, The Flight of the Peacock and The Tree of Life.  Students, as well as teachers were treated to a short interactive session where they learned some hand gestures and steps.  

"I found the programme interesting because the dancers put a lot of effort into their dance routines and put up an incredible show.  I realize that anyone can be a dancer if they practise hard and have a lot of confidence."
Reeta Natham from Emerald 3

"I felt that the programme was interesting because of the high kicks and spins that the dancers performed.  I felt very happy after the show and I realize that it takes a lot of practice to be able to perfect the Chinese dance steps."
Shannon Goh from Burgundy 5

"I found the programme interesting because I learned about Classical and Traditional Chinese folk dance.  I was amazed as to how the dancers could do flexible stunts and movements. Chinese traditional dancers need to be more flexible than Chinese folk dancers."
Alexandra Ong from Mocha 6

"I found the dance movements good yet shocking! I realise that there are a lot of different interesting types of dance from the Chinese culture, which are amazing."
Cheryl Koh from Emerald 5