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ARTS Assembly 2017 - Singapore Festivals & Celebrations

On Wednesday, 2 August, the Sri Warisan Som Said Performing Arts Ltd and the Singapore Multi-Ethnic Dance Ensemble delighted the students, teachers and staff with a dance presentation, Singapore Festivals and Celebrations at Assembly. 

The audience experienced the colourful festivals and celebrations of multi-ethnic Singapore through dance, from Malay to Chinese to Indian dance forms.  The emcee explained before each item how the dances relate to each festival and celebrations.  Furthermore, she related how racial harmony is forged when there is understanding and respect for each other's culture, custom and celebrations.  Selected girls were called onstage to perform the different dances with the performers.

Jill Chong of EM5 found the programme interesting as it taught her so many things about the art of dance in different cultures and felt that she had gained more enthusiasm watching dance presentations.

Chen Meiyu of JO3 thought that the dances was wonderful especially the Chinese dance as it showed gentle and graceful movements and used beautiful and colourful costumes and ribbons.

Vera Lim also found the programme exciting because the music and dance were very realistic and it helped her realize how all cultures in Singapore are creative and skilful in their dance.