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Arts Assembly 2017 - Race for Reality

On Wednesday, 12 July, the Interaction Arts Drama Network performed “Race for Reality”, an International Friendship/Racial Harmony Day Programme special at Assembly.  The girls were exposed to the theatre art form and at the same time discovered shared cultural traditions within the different ethnic groups through the help of the lead character R.H.D, a futuristic droid looking for the perfect race.  

The dramatic performance became a fun and interactive platform for the girls to discover the uniqueness of each race and how issues can directly apply to them. Two P4 girls were chosen to act in the post-performance role play where they did impromptu acting in resolving issues concerning respect for neighbours. 

Carmen Kwan (JO3) found the performance inspiring and interesting because she learnt how different races can bond and face difficulties together.  She also discovered that wearing different traditional costumes is not only for show but to display the similarities between races.  

Riddhi Gholap (MO6) liked how she learnt more about different races and their cultures in a form of a play.  She found the play quite funny and enjoyed how the performers interacted with the audience.  At the end of the show, she realized that one should not judge people by their race and that we should respect them.

Ellis Jasmine from EM3 realized that respecting other cultures means that one has to show acceptance on how others do things.

Inez Teo of EM6 said that the show thought her how to have better communication with her friends and how to strive to have harmony by not fighting over small issues and misunderstandings, and learning how to forgive and forget.