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Co-Curricular Activities

As part of the school’s effort to provide a holistic education for our students, all P3 to P6 students are strongly encouraged to join a CCA. Through active participation in the CCAs, they will learn life skills such as confidence, perseverance and resilience.

We have a range of CCAs covering 4 broad areas namely; physical sports; clubs and societies, visual and performing arts, and uniformed groups. Students learn life and social skills during the CCA sessions. We hope they will pick up the skills necessary for life-long pursuit, if they choose to. Participation in CCAs gives them an opportunity to discover their talent or interest in the non-academic aspect of their education.

Since 2010, we have embarked on a modular CCA Programme to give students even more opportunities to experience a range of CCAs throughout their primary education at CHIJ (Katong) Primary. They get to change CCA every semester where they pick up new skills and make more friends!

Students who have very strong inclination / aptitude towards a certain CCA will be invited to join the developmental teams where they can further hone their skills through customized training programme.

Our School Policy

P3 to P6 students are strongly encouraged to join one CCA. P6 students will be required to participate in CCAs only in Semester 1.

Under the modular CCA, students will participate in 2 different CCAs per year, one per semester.

Under the *non-modular CCA, each student will be required to remain in the CCA throughout the whole year, till Primary 6 (Semester 1).

*For Drama Club, each student will be required to remain in the CCA throughout the whole year. She may change to another modular CCA the next year.

Change of CCA

Should any student need to change her CCA in the course of the semester / year, parents are to write in to the HOD PE/CCA. 

CCA Attendance

An explanation in written form from parents, or a doctor’s medical certificate is required to be submitted to the teacher-in-charge whenever a student fails to attend a session.

Exemption from School's CCA

Students are to write in to the Principal to seek approval for exemption.

Transport Arrangement

Parents are to make their own transport arrangement for CCAs.


Details will be given to students before the start of the CCA sessions.

(a) External coaches/instructors:

Parents will bear part / full cost (if any).

(b) Resources:

Students may be required to pay a minimal amount for resources (if any).

Co-curricular Activities 2019 - 2020


Clubs & Societies

Visual & Performing Arts

Uniformed Group









Artistic  Gymnastics


Home Crafts Club








Innovation Club 









Eureka Club 

Dance Xposure!






Dance SYF







Ten-Pin Bowling


Handbells Ensemble 






Track & Field