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Learning for Life Programme (LLP)

LLP: Community Student Leadership Framework
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Our Objective

Community Student Leadership @ CHIJ (Katong) Primary seeks to help students and staff live out the school’s mission and inculcate the school virtues through a range of programmes and activities. The Character and Citizenship Education Department (CCE) focuses on the value of service for others while developing community student leaders.


Through VIA activities, students and staff learn to appreciate the joy in contributing to society to enrich the lives of all, heightening one’s self and social awareness and civic responsibility. By interacting with members of society who are disadvantaged, they are taught to be inclusive and to be of service to others. Students are given platforms and opportunities to develop authentic friendships with people around them, promoting racial harmony.


Community Student Leadership @ CHIJ (Katong) Primary



Level Involved


1.    Class Duties

P1 - P6


1.    School-wide VIA Programme

2.    Sparkle Award

3.    Spring Cleaning

4.    Student Initiated Projects (Friends of Singa)

5.    Be a Buddy Programme

6.    CCE Ambassadors Programme

7.    Integration Buddy Programme

8.    Project on Environmental issues

9.    Peer Support Leaders

P1 - P6

P1 - P6
P1 - P6
P1 - P6
P1 - P6

P3 - P6

P3 - P6


P3 & P4


1.    Gift of Love Project

2.    Fund Raising

3.    Toy Buffet

4.    Donation of Books

5.    Collection of Recyclables (newspapers, plastic bottles and can tabs)

6.    School-wide Performances on Community Issues

7.    CCA/CCE Interaction with Towner Gardens School

8.    Hosting Elderly during Mother Tongue Fortnight Activity

9.    Pre-schools visit to CHIJ (Katong) Primary

10. June Staff VIA Programme

11. Level VIA with Elderly

P1 - P6

P1 - P6

P1 - P6

P1 - P6
P1 - P6

P1 - P6




P5 & CCA


P1 & P5

Our Sustained Community Partnerships


Primary 5 CCE Interaction with Towner Gardens School


The Primary 5 CCE Interaction with Towner Gardens School (TGS) programme aims to develop students of CHIJ (Katong) Primary to become more inclusive and more aware of their own perceptions and attitudes towards people with special needs. It also helps students to be more aware of the challenges that students with special needs face. Through this awareness, we hope that our students will be more understanding towards students with special needs and hence, be advocates in promoting an inclusive culture to the community.

The TGS students will participate in interactive and customised activities planned by our P5 students during their visits in our school. During these visits, our students will buddy the TGS students when they have their lunch in our school. TGS students will be guided on how to buy food from our school canteen and return utensils to the respective collection points when they have finished.


Primary 4 CCE Interaction with Elderly from Peacehaven Bedok Multi-Service Centre

The Primary 4 students will host the elderly from Peacehaven Bedok Multi-Service Centre during the Mother Tongue Fortnight activity, where a group of elderly joins in the mass Chinese dance led by the vendor. Our Primary 4 students will assist the elderly in the dance moves and interacts with them. As the event will be held during the period of Chinese New Year, the session ends with the Primary 4 students presenting Mandarin Oranges to the elderly and sending their warm wishes.


CCA Interaction with the Community

Developing a holistic education and collaborating with the community, our students participate in the CCA Interaction with the Community Programme. They will host elderly from Peacehaven Multi-Service Centre and TGS students during CCA sessions. Our students will prepare a light meal for the elderly and interact with them over a tea session. Some sessions may be held at East Coast Park where the students bring the elderly out to appreciate nature. TGS students will come to our school during selected CCA sessions. They are assisted in purchasing food at the canteen and will have lunch with our students. After lunch, TGS students will participate in the CCA session which will equip them with different CCA skills.

Students’ Reflections 

Our students gave positive feedback and shared that the 'Interaction with Community' sessions were meaningful as they got to understand the needs of special need students and elderly. They learned to be more compassionate and thoughtful to others.