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Mother Tongue Department


Delivering quality contents to stakeholders.


Unity in Culture, competence in Language 


Students to be proficient and competent in using the 4 language skills i.e. listening, speaking, reading and writing for the purpose of effective communication.

Students to be competent and effective in thinking skills, co-operative learning and ICT.


Enhanced Reading Programme (ERP)

Our MTL teachers conduct a series of interesting story-telling session for every level and follow up with activities to be completed at the class level. This is to promote the habit of reading among our students.

Mother Tongue Language Fortnight Activities     

An annual platform for all students to be exposed to and learn their MT Language, in the hope that they will be more eager to use the language in their everyday lives. Therefore, a varied of activities would be carried out for every level. These activities allow the students to learn in a fun such as

Chinese Bean Art, Chinese Hand Puppet Making, Clay Making, Kite Making, Speech & Drama;

Dikir Barat, Taridra, Kompang, Bangsawan;

Indian Classical Dance, Debate, Drama; etc.

Applied Learning Programme (ALP)

“Competent, Confident and Respectful Communicators”

The ALP enable students to relate their skills and knowledge gained during MTL lessons to the real-world contexts, and inculcate 21st century competencies and values in our students. Students are engaged in different activities such as story-telling, drama, presentation and debate to help them become competent, confident and respectful communicators.


ICT-Based Teaching and Learning

ICT-Based lesson is an interactive platform for teachers to teach efficiently and students to learn collaboratively and independently. Students use the McOnline and iMTL portals to access extended materials and reinforce their listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, all of which are specially designed to reinforce the respective lesson objectives stated in the syllabus. Other ICT tools like Linoit, Padlet, NearPod and Vocaroo are integrated into MTL lessons to promote COL and SDL. 


Students get the opportunities to showcase their language and cultural proficiencies during the weekly Pre-Assembly Talks and/or recess showcase. They can also benefit through listening, watching and participating as part of the audience or participants during these activities.

Learning Journeys (Local & Overseas) 

Students are exposed to and learn their MT Language outside the classroom settings. A varied of activities would be carried out for different level to increase students’ interest in learning MTL. 

MTL Department Event/ Activity 

Chinese Language

Chinese New Year Celebration

Mother Tongue Language Fortnight Activities     

Speech and Drama Activities (Lower Primary)

Overseas Learning Journey to China for Primary 5

Inter-School Competition (Story Telling, Composition Writing, Writing, etc.)

Inter-Class Competition (Poetry Recitation, Story Telling, Chinese Idioms, etc.)

 Malay Language

Overseas Learning Journey for Upper Primary

Mother Tongue Language Fortnight Activities     

Malay Language & Cultural Camp 

Malay Language Competition involving E7 cluster schools

Inter-Class Competition (Story Telling, Poetry Recitation, Singing, Composition Writing, etc.)

Hari Raya Puasa Celebrations

Local Learning Journey

Tamil Language

Mother Tongue Language Fortnight Activities    

P6 IJ Combined Camp

P1 to P6 Internal Competitions

Tamil Language Competition involving E7 cluster schools

Tamil Language Cluster Camp

Deepavali Celebrations

Local Learning Journey


Mdm Yeo Kwang Yee