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English Language Department


Empowered individuals who are proficient and confident users of the English Language.

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Building a strong foundation, nurturing confidence and instilling the love of learning.

CHIJ (Katong) Primary uses both STELLAR (the national English Language curriculum) and our school-based curriculum to achieve the outcomes specified by MOE’s English Language Syllabus.

The English Language Syllabus focuses on the development, reinforcement and extension of language skills in the primary years through an enjoyment of the language and the promotion of extensive reading; and leveraging oracy, reading and writing skills to develop knowledge and independent use of the language.

Mrs Vevian Ng

Head of Department (English Language)

STELLAR (Strategies for English Language Learning and Reading)

To nurture children who love reading and have a strong foundation in the English Language, the school uses the
STELLAR approach. Through the use of STELLAR, we strengthen their language and reading skills as well as promote a positive attitude towards learning. The programme uses research-based teaching strategies and age-appropriate materials to engage children in the learning of English.

The broad areas of language learning are -
  • Listening
  • Speaking
  • Reading
  • Writing

School-based curriculum

To build a strong foundation and rich language for all, we use a variety of print and non-print resources, as we broaden  our students’ language exposure and learning experiences so that they will develop an appreciation for the use of language in various contexts according to the purpose, audience and culture. We continuously strive to enhance our teaching to enrich learning for our students, and we carry out our school-based curriculum to complement STELLAR.

It includes the following teaching and learning programmes:

P1: Speech and Drama

P2: Readers’ Theatre

P3: Story-telling

P4: Public Speaking

P5: Debate

Learning Journeys

Over the years, students will have opportunities to go on several learning journeys.
This enables students to learn beyond the classroom, engaging in hands-on and real-life experiences, e.g. watching a play like The Ant and The Grasshopper and visits to Gardens by the Bay and the Singapore Zoological Gardens.

Applied Learning Programme (ALP): Competent, Confident and Respectful Communicators

The aim of the ALP is to give students opportunities to apply their learning to the real world. We hope to nurture innovation and creativity and more importantly, to prepare our children for the future. Our focus is on communication. These are some of the outcomes which we hope to achieve:

  1. Competent: Able to use language effectively for self-expression (e.g. drama; story-telling) and for persuasion / advocacy (e.g. presentation)
  2. Confident: Able to stand up in front of an audience to speak rationally, with substance and clarity 
  3. Respectful: Able to be tactful, understanding the nuances of the language; able to listen with respect,  having empathy and cross-cultural understanding

Students are given various platforms to apply the skills that they have acquired. Some of these include performances during EL Week, emceeing for school assembly programmes or school concerts, and our P1 & P2 concert.

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Emcees for Arts Week

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Character Parade (Characters from The BFG by Roald Dahl)

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Readers’ Theatre Performance

Literacy Support Programmes

We have various literacy programmes to cater to girls who require additional support. These include LSP (P1 & P2),   RRP (P3 & P4) and SDR (P3 & P4). These programmes are conducted by trained teachers who are equipped with skills to provide the necessary remediation for reading through a comprehensive teaching package and guidelines developed   by the Reading Unit of EL Curriculum Planning and Development Division (CPDD).

Talent Management

Students who are good in verbal and writing skills are identified, nurtured and given showcase opportunities through competitions such as the PESA, Creative Writing Competitions, HAIKU Poetry Writing Competitions, National Spelling Championship, National Lit Quiz, Junior Orators and Wits & Words.

Identified students attend enrichment programmes to further hone their skills. These include programmes like Journalism for Kids, Debating Skills and Public Speaking.