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ActiveSG Workout 2020

To celebrate the nation's birthday, CHIJ (Katong) participated in the SportSG GetActive Singapore Workout Competition 2020 (GASA 2020).

Remembering Sr Deirdre O'Loan 2020 Memorial Mass

Dear Friends,

We remember with fondness Sr. Deirdre who left us four years ago.

Please join us in the Memorial Mass on the feast of the Assumption of our Lady on 15 August 2020 at 9.00 a.m.

CHIJ (Katong) Primary gives Frontline Officers in School a Round of Applause

Inspired by the Clap For #SGUnited on March 30, CHIJ (Katong) Primary had a standing ovation that rang out across the buildings of CHIJ (Katong) Primary on 3 April 2020 at 7.35 a.m.

Showing Appreciation to our Masked Heroes

“CHIJ (Katong) Primary Shows Appreciation to our Masked Heroes” was a project initiated by our Friend of Singa (FOS) team of teachers and students...