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PE-Swimming Programme

All Primary 3 students will undergo swimming lessons as part of the PE Programme which will be held during curriculum time during PE periods. This is in line with MOE's latest directive regarding water safety and survival.
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The objectives of the Swimming Programme, aligned to the learning outcomes of the PE Syllabus are:  
  1. Students will learn water safety, swimming and survival skills; 
  2. Students are able to swim in a recognisable stroke without any floatation aid.    

The criteria to be awarded a SwimSafer Award consists of passing both an online theory test (results are valid for 1 year), as well as a physical swimming test which will be conducted during the last lesson.  

This programme is compulsory for all P3 students unless certified medically unfit and a Doctor's letter is provided.  

For students who have already attained a SwimSafer 2.0 Gold Award (also referred to as Stage 6), they will still be required to participate in the programme. However, they will focus on refining and strengthening their water survival skills, swimming competencies and may be awarded the SSPA certification (up till Level 3) if they pass the test.

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User guides for parents of P3 (from 2018 onwards) students who have taken the Swimsafer Practical Test:
Guidelines to access SwimSafer 2.0 online quiz
SwimSafer E-Certificate User Guide