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Joy For Learning

Learning can actually be a joyous and powerful thing, as it's all about feeding curiosity and giving further insight into the world around us. 

The Joy For Learning Committee aims to foster a resilient and adaptable disposition in each child in an effort to embrace the spirit for lifelong learning. 

At CHIJ (Katong) Primary, our students study in an environment that sparks passion and motivation for learning. The 'joy of learning' is prevalent in classrooms where students are provided with appropriate levels of challenges and opportunities to make decisions about their learning. It is believed that when students are presented with a positive learning experience, they experience the 'joy of learning'!

JOL at P1 : A Crocodile Tea Party where our students get to experience preparing for a tea party and they also learn about dining etiquette and table manners



JOL at P5 : Planting Japanese Rose to beautify the Spice Garden





JOL at P6 : Exploring the type of food our students eat....  testing for the presence of starch