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Sports Day 2017

Our school’s biennial Sports Day was held on 10th March, at Victoria Junior College's track. After many rounds of selections and heats, the day finally came for the competitors to put themselves to the test on the ‘big stage’.

Many students and teachers alike arrived before the break of dawn and were buzzing with anticipation for the day’s programme. The spectators stand was adorned with many handmade banners in the house colours: Green, Blue, Yellow and Red. It was heartwarming to see the effort that the students and teachers had put in to show their utmost support for the competitors representing their houses.

During the races, the cheers from the spectators were deafening. Every competitor was a winner in the eyes of their supporters. 

After the students’ races, there was also a race for the parents! Egged on by the cheers of their daughters and the school population, the parents gave their best in the relay run and had fun! The teachers’ race saw Mrs Cheong, Ms Ariken and Mr Koh taking part as well. The sight was a treat for the students who were so excited to see a different side of their teachers and school leaders outside the classroom.

The morning ended with the announcement that the champion house was St Rose! Everyone also gave three cheers for St Anne, St Clare and St Joan for the great sportsmanship shown! Hip Hip Hooray!

It was a wonderful, fun-filled Sports Day and we ended the term with a bang!

Written by:
Miss Charlene Lee