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P5 Nature Trail 2017

This year the primary 5 students embarked on a learning journey to East Coast Park. It was a nature trail organised by the science department with the aim of learning and understand the functions and characteristics of the flora and fauna found at East Coast Park as well as to know how they are dispersed. 

The trail was conducted over two days and was attended by the students, teachers and parent volunteers. The nature guides who were our very own students were specially trained by the science department for their roles. They proved to be a wealth of knowledge and were very much appreciated by their peers for their professional expertise. 

The students were assigned various stations to visit in which they would be enlightened on the subject matter at hand by the nature guide. As the nature trail is part of their IPW (Inter-disciplinary Project Work), they had to work in small teams to gather information, capture photographs as well as listen attentively to their nature guides. 

It was an arduous trail but it was well worth it in terms of the knowledge gained from such an exciting experience. It certainly brought nature closer to the students of CHIJ Katong! 

Today, I had an excellent excursion to East Coast Park.
I learnt all about the flora and fauna found in the park.

The highlight of the excursion was being with my friends and seeing the different plants and some animals. We had so much fun!

There were many special things discovered today. Something that was especially interesting, was a flower. Shockingly, this flower was not a daisy or a rose but......the beautiful Barringtonia flower. It is a white flower with a pink tip, and it looks almost exactly like a cheerleader's pom-pom. But sadly, it has a toxic sap with a sickly sweet smell.

I had a fun and enjoyable time at East Coast Park. Being with my friends made it even more enjoyable and I wish we had more excursions like today. I learnt lost of new information about them. Overall, having experienced this excursion, I learnt more about East Coast Park and what makes the plants and animals there special. 

It was a really fun day!

Chung Yan Ling Grace 
Jonquil 5

Today’s learning journey took place at East Coast Park, where it speaks volumes about the flora and fauna in Singapore .Having visited this wonderful park, I am sure that both my classmates and I have certainly gained much knowledge about the wildlife there. We visited many stations, specially placed at many designated spots to learn about a particular insect or animal species and plants with the help of our knowledgeable nature guides.

The highlights of the learning journey were taking photos at East Coast Park and viewing the flora and fauna. This helped me to know my friends more too. The nature guides shared lots of information about the plants and animals.
I have learnt a lot more new and interesting facts that I am sure will come in handy for the future.

I thought that learning about the different insects in the park was especially interesting, and I discovered different kinds of bugs in the park. It provided me with the opportunity to look at them in a different light and discover them as interesting creatures instead of disgusting and horrifying ones. I also think that it is truly amazing that insects also have human-like behaviour, like the weaver ants, who work together and live in harmony although they are aggresive to intruders.

Overall, the trip was an enjoyable one, and it also allowed me to appreciate the beauty of nature around us. We should all do our part to conserve the wildlife in East Coast Park! 

It really helped me to learn how to cooperate with my friends and also to come to an agreement quickly, avoiding quarrels at all costs!

Sun Yingshan
Burgundy 5