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P4 LJ to Kampong Glam 2017

In March, the Primary 4 students went on a Learning Journey to Kampong Glam and had a guided tour along the heritage trail. Through explanations by the facilitators, the girls learnt about the history behind some of the shophouses and how some of the architecture around the area was influenced by the Malay culture. 

They displayed respect and self-discipline when they made an effort to keep their voices down in the Sultan Mosque. Many of them were committed to taking ownership of their own learning as they used the mobile devices to participate in interactive activities at the various checkpoints. 

All in all, the girls enjoyed the Learning Journey and many of them developed a deeper understanding of the important contributions by the early settlers in the Kampong Glam area. It was heartening to see the girls of different ethnic groups appreciating the diversity of cultures that we have in Singapore.