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National School Games Championship 2017

On 28th & 29th March, our seven Junior and seven Senior gymnasts participated in the National School Games Championship. Our girls gave their best in the competition, which gave them good exposure and a great learning experience. We are really proud of all of them. Our IJ gymnasts are:

Naomi Suqing Martel (EM3)
Gianna Zahara Binte Mohamed Rafi (JO3)
Lejoi Looi Sin Yen (BU4)
Valencia See Rei (BU4)
Renee Alexandria Tan Suet Rae (JO4)
Damienne Lew Kai Bin (JO4)
Gwendolyn Ang Sze Ying (CE5)
Chloe Tan Xue Ying (AM6)
Freja Iris Young Siew Gek (BU6)
Rebecca Lim De Min (CE6)
Ava Siew Ashokan (EM6)
Megan Sarah Chua En Qi (JO6)
Choo Yun En Phoebe (JO6)
Soh Xiao Si, Pearl  (MO6)

We are also pleased to announce that our Junior gymnast, Naomi Suqing Martel from EM3,  attained 1st position in the All Around category for Junior individual, being 1st in Vault, Balance Beam & Floor Exercise.