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ARTS Assembly 2017 - Art Explorers Club Celebrates

On Wednesday, 19 July, Art Outreach Singapore presented the visual art program “Art Explorers Club Celebrates the Singapore Story at Assembly.  The girls were invited to journey back in time to discover Singapore’s history through key artworks from pioneer Singaporean artists.  The Art Outreach Educators facilitated discussions, and students’ participation behind the people places and events that inspired these artworks through dramatization, interactive games and videos. 
A girl from BU6 learned so much about Singapore’s history and realized that she should be grateful to all those who helped build and protect Singapore.  

Hailley Thien from CE6 found the programme interesting as it offered many fun activities to do and made learning about Singapore’s history fun and taught her how to appreciate art at the same time.  She realized that art and history should be appreciated as many people have worked hard to make what Singapore is today.  

Laveena Ganesan of CE4 understood more about the past and is very thankful to the Samsui women who helped build Singapore.  

Giselle Ong(AM3) was excited to see different artworks and learn what it is all about.  She said that an artwork isn’t just an old art piece, it means something more.