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Track & Field

(Non-Modular CCA for P4-P6, Modular for P3) 

DAY: Tuesday & Friday

VENUE: School or Kallang Practice Track

TIME: 2.00 pm - 4.00 pm (School) or 2.00 pm - 4.40 pm (Kallang Practice Track)

TEACHERS I/C: *Mdm Hazel Han, Miss Jasmine Lai & Miss Li Meina


Track and Field is a sport that includes athletic contests established on the skills of running, jumping, and throwing. In Track & Field, consistency is key to performing in the Track & Field event(s), while developing values and attributes such as grit, determination, resilience and teamwork that will prepare students for a rapidly changing world. Taking part in competitions and the National School Games has also exposed the athletes to varied experiences.  


Selection trials may be conducted. Students who are keen but missed the selection trials may contact the teacher-in-charge.

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From our past students:

Training sessions were really fun and enjoyable. I always look forward to participating in competitions with my teammates. I also learnt many valuable lessons in these past 4 years. I  am glad I chose Track and Field as my CCA.  -Angela Tan, AM6 of 2021

When I first joined track and field , I  felt that I didn’t fit in and wasn’t fast enough. But the friends that I have made, coaches and teachers, helped and encouraged me a lot. The sessions might be tiring but they are really fun. I’ve learnt a lot of things too! I’ll miss track and field in this school .- Vera Koh, CE6 of 2021


Throughout the years in the Track and Field team, I have formed valuable friendships and we went through thick and thin together. Despite the covid-19 pandemic, the coaches and teachers have found ways to help us train and hone our skills and talent in our respective events . - Chloe Chan, JO6 OF 2021

Having track and field as my CCA was probably one of the best decisions I’ve made. As a slow little clueless Primary 3, I slowly came to learn about one very important value- sportsmanship. I will never forget how the coaches and teachers valued this more than if you were “talented” in track and field. It doesn’t matter if you are fast or slow. Commitment and a ready state of mind to do your best will help overcome all challenges. I will never regret my decision to join track and field. - Wong Xin Yun, AM6 of 2021