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Thanksgiving Mass 2017

As One in Thanksgiving
Celebrant: Fr Eugene Vaz

Mass started with a moment of quiet contemplation, as our students reflected on their memories, words and actions during the year. 

In his homily, Fr Vaz spoke of how we can be thankful to God for the many occasions for us to grow closer to God through our relationships at home or in school. He prayed for everyone to recognize that everyday is an opportunity to grow in love, faith and service. 

The Lord is close to all who call upon Him!
Everyone kept a moment of silence to thank God for his love and blessings.
Mass ended on high note as some of our graduating Primary 6 students​ shared the wonderful memories that held a special place in their hearts.

As this is our last mass of the year, I am sad as I know that it means that the year is coming to an end. However, I am grateful that this mass our last a sit allows us to give thanks for all the events that have happened throughout this year and the past 6 years. I was able to thank God for all the memories I have made and all the friendships. Overall, I am grateful for this last Thanksgiving mass in the school.

Ashley Jadesola Togonu Bickersteth Liyu 
Burgundy 6

I felt that the Thanksgiving Mass has deepened my understanding of God’s love and has strengthened my faith in God. Being a non-Catholic Christian, this has enlightened me spiritually as a person. These masses have also helped me to understand more of the Catholic religion. Thanksgiving Mass is also a traditional way of ending the school year.

Chew Mei Poh Mabel
Jonquil 6

I felt that the Thanksgiving Mass this year was planned well.  I really enjoyed having the opportunity to serve mass in this school. I  After the mass, I hugged my fellow altar girls and we shed tears. I hope that I will continue serving mass as an altar server in Katong Convent Secondary with others and and serve God and strengthen my faith.

Claire Marie Braberry
Cerise 6