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Safer Internet Day 2020

CHIJ (Katong) Primary commemorated Safer Internet Day (SID) on 5 February to promote safer Internet
usage. It also aims to invite everyone to engage each other online in a respectful manner to ensure a better
digital experience for all.

The global theme for SID is “Together for a Better Internet”, in line with the key messages of “Be Safe, Be
Smart, and Be Kind Online”. Since the beginning of the year, our CCE ambassadors had started preparing
engaging and interactive games to lead their peers in games and discussion during their various recesses. The
aim of these activities is to remind all to play a part in keeping the Internet safe for use. Their hard work had
paid off, as they had received overwhelming response from their peers. This year, we are fortunate to have
our Parent Volunteers (PVs) to facilitate the CCE ambassadors in carrying out their roles.

Some of the interesting discussions that students had the opportunity to engage in include identifying fake
news regarding the current outbreak of novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV). Students were seen contemplating
and in deep conversation if a certain report/article was deemed fake.

Students also had lots of fun pitting their knowledge against one another in a game of Kahoot on Social
Media trivia. Students used the iPads to answer the quiz and they could instantaneously know if their
answers were correct!

This year, we have decided to test students on WhatsApp etiquette as well and we are pleased to find out
that the students are well aware of what they should and should not do when they are communicating with
one another via WhatsApp.

The school hopes that with all these activities, we have inspired positive changes online and raised awareness
on online safety issues.