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Prefects' Investiture & Installation of Monitors 2019

The Prefects’ Investiture and the Installation of Monitors Ceremony was held in the school hall on 25th February 2019. It was a solemn ceremony where recognition was given to all the student leaders in the school.  The ceremony started with the investiture of the newly-appointed prefects from Primary 4 - 6 and then went on to recognising the prefects who have served the school.  The Prefects Exco for 2019 comprises of Ellie Lee Yan Lin (Head Prefect), Wong Xin Yu and Lai Yin Wen (Vice-Head Prefects) and Natasha Lim Cheng Suan and Kiera Nadine Bte Muhammad Nazri (Assistant Vice-Head Prefects). Ellie led the prefects in the Prefect’s pledge and the Investiture ended with a meaningful ceremony of passing on the light from the school leaders to the rest of the prefects.  This light acts as a symbol to remind the prefects that the IJ spirit is always burning brightly.  It reminds the prefects to be the light to the other pupils in the school, be united in love, and be service to others and to keep the IJ spirit radiant and glowing in their daily tasks.



The second session acknowledged the contributions of the other student leaders in the school.  The school monitors, namely the Class, Science, ARTS, Media and PE monitors, Reading Ambassadors, CCE Ambassadors and Altar Servers who also play a crucial role in leading our girls in becoming women of grace and substance.

We hope that our student leaders will speak and act in a way that is respectful of all teachers, administrators, and other school staff. May God continue to guide them and give them strength each day to face the challenges ahead of them. We hope they will grow and become better leaders in the future!



We are honoured to be part of the EXCO team 2019.  We hope we will be exemplary in our behavior and speech.  We will work together as an EXCO team and with our fellow prefects to ensure our school is not just an educational institute, but also a happy and fun school to attend.

Vice-Head and Assistant Vice-Head Prefects


I feel honoured and filled with gratitude that I have been chosen to lead the prefectorial board this year.  Given this role, I have to upkeep the work that my predecessors have done and be an exemplary role model for everyone in the school. 
My EXCO team members and I will work closely to strengthen the bonds among all IJ students.  I hope we will make a difference to the school.

“If serving is below you, leadership is beyond you.”

Ellie Lee, Head Prefect 2019