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Prefects' Investiture & Installation of Monitors 2017

The Prefects’ Investiture and the Installation of Monitors Ceremony was held in the school hall on 22nd February 2017.  It was a solemn ceremony where recognition was given to all the student leaders in the school.  The theme for this year’s ceremony was “One Heart, One Love, and One Family”.  The ceremony started with the investiture of the newly-appointed prefects from Primary 4 - 6 and then went on to recognizing the prefects who have served the school.  The Prefects Exco for 2017 comprises of Alyssa Lee Ernn (Head Prefect), Sim Yun San Anabelle and Tammy Joan Tan Zi Ning (Vice-Head Prefects) and Lauren Yap Ker-Ru and Ela Ishana Nathan (Assistant-Head Prefects). Alyssa led the prefects in the Prefect’s pledge.

The Investiture ended with a meaningful ceremony of passing on the light from the school leaders to the rest of the prefects.  This light acts as a symbol to remind the prefects that the IJ spirit is always burning brightly.  It reminds the prefects to be the light to the other pupils in the school, be united in love, and be service to others and to keep the IJ spirit radiant and glowing in their daily tasks. Recognition was also given to all the monitors and ambassadors.

The ceremony ended with a closing prayer led by our Head Prefect, Alyssa.


I am honoured and humbled to be given the role of the head prefect this year.  I will strive to be an exemplary pupil for all my schoolmates to emulate.  I will also carry out all my duties to the best of my ability.  I am looking forward to working with all.
I enjoyed the prefect's investiture as this is an occasion where all prefects are recognized for their contributions to the school.  Being a prefect is a huge responsibility and I hope that everyone can work together with the prefects to make CHIJ an enjoyable and a safe learning place.
I feel honoured to be given the role of a Vice-head prefect.  I will do my very best to upkeep the name of the school.  I will always strive to display our 6 school virtues - self-discipline, integrity, compassion, commitment, resilience and respect.  Together with the rest of the EXCO members, we promise to carry out our tasks diligently and stay united as one IJ family.