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P6 Science Centre LJ 2019

On 28 January, the Primary 6 pupils took a break from school lessons and visited the Science Centre for a Learning Journey. Learning about their Science concepts in a fun way, they attended interactive sessions such as Blast Off!, Insect Mysteries, and Food from Plants. Through the hands-on activities, our girls were able to see and experience the Science concepts which they had learnt in class in real-world contexts. They definitely enjoyed their day out and wished that they could spend a longer time visiting all the different exhibits at the Science Centre. 

“I learnt about the different methods of dispersal and enjoyed looking at the plants in the garden.”

- Caitlin Ong, Burgundy 6


“I learnt that parts of the plant contain excess sugar and I enjoyed making the salad and taking a walk through the eco-garden.”

- Sneha Thomas, Jonquil 6


“I enjoyed the part where we could touch the cicada’s exoskeleton. I also enjoyed seeing the crickets in the transparent boxes jump around. I have learnt about the different insect mouthparts, the compound and simple eye, the insects feelers, how cicadas moult and much more! I would definitely recommend this to the P6s next year.”

- Natalie Sarah Joshua, Mocha 6