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P6 LJ to Science Centre 2018

The primary 6 students embarked on a learning journey to the Science Centre on 7 February 2018.

The learning journey was intended for the students to view the exhibits on display as well as to experience the lessons specially planned for them. The lessons selected were on the topics ‘Fascinating Light’ and ‘My Body’.

Besides the wealth of knowledge shared with the students, the facilitators also provided them with a hands-on experience which was not only entertained them but allowed them the opportunity to learn scientific concepts through fun exploration. It was a day well-spent with lessons taking place outside the classroom for a change!

We visited the Science Centre for our science lesson and it was indeed a very interesting and unique experience! The main objective of the lesson was to do a recap on the topics and for us to learn more information that can be very beneficial to us in our science examinations. I was extremely elated to experience and view the wide variety of exhibits that were showcased and was amazed to see more than what I had expected to see!

My favourite part of the learning journey was the lesson given to us about the human body and our five senses - which was highly educational! I found the demonstrations showcased by the bright and chirpy facilitator to be thoroughly engaging.

As we were allowed free time to explore and view the exhibits in the various areas,I found one that was fascinating to me. It was a 'show' that taught people more about how electricity works and how it travels.

I learnt a lot more things and the information I acquired was very valuable and will be very helpful in my upcoming examinations. I think there should be more visits to the Science Centre as it showcases many different exhibits and holds a lot of information that can be beneficial to many people. I was content with the amount of information I gained from this learning journey. It was a very pleasant and entertaining visit, and I would definitely like to come back to learn more!

Audrey Ermengarde Canonizado Giron
Burgundy 6

Excitement pulsed through my veins on the way to the Science Centre. I was extremely thrilled to learn and explore the different exhibits that were in store for us as well as to learn more in-depth about the science concepts such as the five senses and the human system.

Some of the highlights of the Science Centre Learning Journey included the opportunity to learn outside the classroom and discover various science concepts by ourselves as well as the various hands-on experiments in the lesson given by the bubbly and cheerful lecturer! The facilitator for the science lesson on ‘My Body’ was Ms Bea - a vibrant and zestful person who managed to capture my full attention. The lesson was highly beneficial to my classmates and me as it allowed us to pick up the concepts quickly with fun experiments and demonstrations.

I personally found the solar-powered lamp, the lesson on the five senses and the human systems as well as the optical illusions particularly interesting. The solar- powered lamp exhibit was in a house-like box with aluminium foil around it and we were asked by the facilitator what we had seen. My friends and I guessed the answers to her questions which included things like what do you think is inside the bottle and how do you think the lamp is turned on. It was good that she asked us questions before explaining the science concept behind it to us thoroughly and patiently. We certainly appreciated it! I was most intrigued by the confusing yet engaging optical illusions. It was difficult attempting to complete the highly challenging optical illusions but I was fascinated by them especially the cool illusions.

I returned from the Science Centre, contented with the amount of knowledge I had gained as well as thankful for the time to explore and experience exhibits that caught my attention. It was a fruitful experience andiIf I have the chance to visit the Science Centre again, I would definitely seize the opportunity!

Calise Kwan Jia Xin
Burgundy 6