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P6 IJ Recollection Day 2018

The Primary 6 girls had their IJ Day of Recollection on the 9th of July 2018. With the help of the teachers and parent volunteers, the girls were shown a series of Powerpoint slides featuring the different aspects of their school life over the years. A sharing session was conducted by the parent volunteers to reminisce their journey as an IJ girl, from when they were in Primary 1 all the way through to Primary 6. The girls were also given opportunities to share their reflections with the cohort. A short session on “Friendship” was then conducted by Mrs Pauline Tan to highlight the different aspects of friendship and how one should embrace the uniqueness of each individual.

Most of the students have shared that they have benefitted from this programme. Keira Lim from Amethyst 6 shared that she had enjoyed the time when she had to give out handwritten messages written on stickers to her peers to show her appreciation to them.

Shannen Lim from Cerise 6 commented that she had enjoyed reminiscing about her memories formed in CHIJ (Katong) Primary over the 6 years. She shared that she enjoyed chatting with her friends in school.