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P6 IJ Day of Recollection 2019

Our school’s IJ Day of Recollection was held on 24 October 2019. It is a day of reflection and sharing conducted by Parent Volunteers and Teachers to help the Primary 6 students reflect on their 6 years of formation in our beloved school. It was indeed a memorable and meaningful session for all the girls - a time for love, forgiveness and gratitude.  

Kee Yan Zi Praewpicha from Amethyst 6 wrote:

“On our P6 IJ Day of Recollection, we reflected on the memories that we had made during our 6 years in this school. We were shown a video montage of some photos taken during our 6 years in the school. It was amusing and touching to see how we had grown. Some Parent Volunteers also shared their experiences as IJ students. We thought about our own memories and we shared with our friends. The prefects also shared their touching memories and experiences with us. Ms Elizabeth Yee, then conducted a session on friendship. She shared some stories that taught us how to be a good friend and we also learnt that some friendships could last forever. We were given the chance to write notes to our friends or teachers who had helped us or made an impact on us. It was a very meaningful session and we all enjoyed ourselves.”

Natalie Tham, Emma Fernando, Kathleen Lim and Claire Lim from Cerise 6 wrote :

“We felt that the IJ Day of Recollection was meaningful as we managed to reflect on our journey in our school with the help of presenters. We were able to recall all the happy times and learnt to forgive and forget the times that were not so good. All the students, even some of the teachers and Parent Volunteers, were all there together, enjoying and sharing memories that we had. It was a memorable experience for everyone where laughter and tears were shared.”