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P6 Career Awareness Day 2017

The P6 Career Awareness Talk has been a main feature in the post PSLE programme. This talk was organised for our graduating classes to familiarise them with some interesting and much-sought after career options. We were proud to have our ex-IJ pupils who took time off their busy schedules to share their experiences at work with their enthusiastic juniors. Apart from learning more about the trade and industries this year, the students had opportunities to interact with the speakers to know more about the working environment. The speakers hail from different industries- ranging from the Arts to the Business and Sciences. Our students had learnt much about the different educational paths that will lead them to the careers found in the different industries. Our students spent a fruitful morning engaging the inspirational speakers. 

Student Reflections for Career Awareness Day

The activity taught us about the various jobs the working world has to offer. I am aware of the different positions there are in the industries. The programme has made me more knowledgeable about the paths that I can choose to take after leaving KC Primary. I enjoyed the presentations by the ex KCP students who were fun and entertaining and had a really fun time. I feel more confident and reassured as they gave good tips that I can take into consideration when I want to pick my job in the future. I could relate to the speakers as they were ex KCP students and  they shared their past experiences in KCP. It was a fruitful and unforgettable experience and I hope that this programme will continue for the future P6s as I think they would also really enjoy and find it useful. I will definitely put the tips they had given to good use.

Kaylie Chin 
Cerise 6

The Career Awareness Day has helped me understand that different jobs have pros and cons and not all jobs are unicorns and rainbows. This has also helped me to understand that even if we study a subject, it does not mean that the path of our lives is all set in place. If we do not love what we do, our job will be a chore. This day has also helped me in understanding the importance of the contributions of different jobs to the world and has exposed me to the different professions there are in Singapore. I’m very grateful to all the teachers and presenters who have done a lot to prepare for this day.
Mabel Chew 
Jonquil 6

Today, I learned about different jobs and industries that our ex IJ girls work in. The job industry that appealed to me the most was the teaching industry. I like helping and listening to other people's problems and the teaching industry seemed the best for me. I also learnt that our PSLE score will not determine what job we will work in or how well we will do in the future. The speakers also shared that as long as we have a passion for something, we should chase our dreams and accomplish them.

Tanya Chia