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P5 NE Show 2018

On 21st July, the Primary 5 girls from CHIJ (Katong) Primary proudly donned their red shirts and gathered excitedly in school for the NE Show 2018. This year’s theme, “We Are Singapore”, celebrates the collective voice and the Singapore spirit, emphasizing togetherness regardless of our origins.

The girls, along with their teachers, were blessed with good weather at the Marina Bay Floating Platform. The audience was in for a visual and auditory treat through the Pre-Parade, Parade & Ceremony, and Show segments. Notable highlights include watching eight Naval Combat Divers conduct a freefall jump into the Marina Bay waters, which drew many ‘oohs and aahs’ from the crowd. They sang along to the National Day songs, together with the Combined Schools’ Choir, and swayed their multi-coloured light bubbles along with the performers during the course of the show.

As this year’s show emphasised greater audience interaction, the girls were given a chance to be part of the Placard Challenge - holding up a dual-coloured placard to create a giant message from Singapore to the world. They also had fun moving large banners up the stands as a collective, and doing the Marina Wave with their flags and scarves.

All in all, the girls thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to soak in the nation’s celebratory spirit, and returned home feeling immensely proud to be Singaporeans.