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P4 LJ to National Gallery Singapore 2018

The Primary Fours went on an Arts Learning Journey to the National Gallery Singapore in April. The animated facilitators lead them through the works of a variety of Singaporean artists. These works featured iconic elements in Singapore’s history captured in Art. Through detailed explanations of the paintings and the artists behind them, the students learnt to develop an appreciation for the relationship between art and history. This led to several invigorating group discussions. 

As part of the interactive element of the learning journey, the students were encouraged to use props to recreate stills of the paintings they saw. This allowed them to reinterpret and create their own tableau for their friends to appreciate. Through the activity, they showed interpretive skills using Art. They were also given the opportunity to create their own montage of favorite art works through an app.

 All in all, the students enjoyed the learning journey. This learning journey would hopefully spark an interest for them towards Singapore’s art and history.