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P3 Social Studies Neighbourhood Walk 2019

Katong, (once filled with coconut plantations) with its many villas and mansions of the wealthy elite in the late 19th to the mid-20th centuries has been re-developed into a charming corner of eastern Singapore which we are now very familiar with.


On 25, 31 July and 6 August, two classes of Primary Three, with their teacher and two gracious parent volunteers, took a slow and relaxing walk through this vibrant neighbourhood, nostalgically soaking in the many well-preserved Peranakan homes / shophouses, colonial bungalows and some famous eateries


Blessed with fine weather and in complete awe, the girls saw for themselves the unique pre-war architecture – colourful two-storey shophouses and terrace houses with ornate facades, intricate motifs and ceramic tiles.

The walk took us to: 

·         The Karikal Mahal, (former Grand Hotel) once a large mansion built in 1917 by Moona Kadir Sultan for his numerous wives. It had four houses with a luxurious garden, fountains and beautiful angel sculptures by an artificial lake.

·         25 Chapel Road, an old bungalow, raised on piers. Built at the turn of the last century, tells of a time and place forgotten. A time when the song of the sea could be heard from the nearby shore.

·         Katong Antique House, a museum of Peranakan artefacts, housing family heirlooms and antiques.

·         The Church of the Holy Family, founded in early 1902 by four Eurasian families where the first Christmas mass took place in 1936. The church later expanded three more times to its current building.

·         Single-storey conserved terrace houses built on raised grounds (to protect against the rising tides) stood beside a former sea wall where the beach used to be.

·         Nanyang Sauce, founded in 1959 is the oldest brewery using only the artisan way which takes 9 months to brew naturally under the sun a bottle of soya sauce.

The trip was an eye-opening experience for our girls as they enjoyed the cool morning walk going back in time.