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NE Show 2017

NDP 2017 marks 52 years of independence for Singapore and the return of the National Day Parade (NDP) to the floating platform at Marina Bay. The theme this year, ‘One Nation Together’ reminds all Singaporeans that regardless of origin and background, we belong as one people and one nation. It encourages Singaporeans to harness our diversity and to leave no one behind as we strive towards an even brighter future. 

The NDP preview which was held on 8 July, was a glorious attempt to celebrate our nation's birthday and this was achieved through the Pre-Parade segment, the Dynamic Defence Display, the Parade and Ceremony and the Show itself. The celebrative atmosphere was evident throughout the preview as schools all around sang the national anthem and recited the pledge with pride and gusto! It was also an opportunity for everyone present to sing ‘Because it’s Singapore!’ composed by Jay Lim as the NDP theme song this year. 

In spite of the balmy weather and the long hours, the primary 5 students made the most of such a celebratory occasion as they were indeed privileged to have had the opportunity to witness such a wonderful celebration as proud Singaporeans! 

On 8th July, my class attended the NDP preview at the Marina Bay floating platform. It was colossal - with a huge stage and endless rows of colourful seats that seemed to beckon me to come and enjoy the exciting show ahead! 

The NDP preview experience was indeed a great one, and it has definitely managed to instill pride in me as a Singaporean and in others too. The show also helped me bond with my fellow classmates as I will never forget our ecstatic screaming and cheering, especially when we saw the Red Lions descend gracefully from over a 1,000 feet from the sky! That was certainly what I think was the highlight of the show. 

Another highlight of the show was the magnificent fireworks. There was something magical about the colourful bursts of colours in the dark sky, with hundreds of lit-up flags waving. What I thought was most interesting was that the one of the hosts was a robot! It came as a surprise when I heard a robotic voice. It was definitely a fun and entertaining feature of the show. Some members of the audience asked a few questions and the robot could answer it intelligently, much to everyone's delight!

Singapore has certainly come a long way, from a simple sea port to a bustling city, with a top-notch sea port and airport. Due to our pioneer's hard work, we can safely walk the streets and medical care is usually just a phone call away. Although I am only a permanent resident, I am very proud to be living in Singapore and I would whole-heartedly say that Singapore, the magnificent city is my HOME!

Sun Yingshan 
Burgundy 5 

On 8th of July this year, all of the Primary 5 girls had the AMAZING opportunity to attend the annual National Education show(NDP preview). This year was the first time the NE show was held back at the Floating Platform after 2 years at the stadium. Even though it was my 3rd time going for the NE show; I still marvel at how everyone involved was able to perform synchronized movements beautifully, how majestic the army vehicles were, how I screamed and laughed with my friends whenever we were shocked by the tremendous noise made by the fighter jets and the gun shots, and how the fireworks always lit up the peaceful night sky like showers of stunning shooting stars......But no matter what, I was still elated just being able to come together as Singaporeans to watch this wonderful event as a country.
To me, the objective of this year's NE show was related to this year’s meaningful theme' #One Nation Together'. We, the Primary 5's from all over the island came together as one nation to watch this show no matter what our religion, race or beliefs are. The icon for the NE show shows four hands that stood for the four main races of Singapore- Chinese, Malays, Indians and Eurasians clasping each other's hands to form a circle and also forming the shape of our island Singapore in the middle.
The highlights of this year's NE show to me was not really watching the performance but simply being able to watch it together with my classmates and best friends. However, I still have to admit that the show was pretty spectacular! I especially enjoyed the background settings and special effects! They made me feel like I was right there, performing on the stage as well.
Something really interesting to me was how well the policemen and the rescue team worked together as a team when the 'terrorists' ‘attacked’ the platform. The experience sent thrills down my spine as I perched on the edge of my seat, eager to watch the story unfold before my eyes. I would give out a cheer of triumph whenever the 'good guys' overpowered the 'bad guys'.

Even though it was humid and stuffy beneath the scorching sun and I sweated buckets and clapped until my palms were red and cheered until my voice was hoarse, I was still elated throughout the whole performance and had the best evening of my life! Whenever I feel like I want to complain about something, I always take a second to appreciate and be grateful that I am even watching such a show. 

If everyone is able to stay positive and not think negative thoughts ,I think Singapore will definitely be a better place for us to live in. But to end off on a simple note… I just cannot explain how PROUD I am to be a SINGAPOREAN!!!!

Ong Yuan Jing 
Mocha 5