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Learning Fest 2017

The annual Learning Fest at CHIJ (Katong) Primary School was held on Saturday, 18 February 2017. Parents signed up for workshops conducted by staff and vendors of the school. These workshops were designed to strengthen the partnership between teachers and parents by helping parents have a better understanding of how to support their children in their learning. A total of nine workshops were conducted, and parents who attended were enthusiastic.

Mr Hu, whose daughter is in Primary 1 this year, attended two workshops – ‘Helping Reluctant Readers to Read’ and ‘REAL Way to Problem Solving’. He felt that the information shared was useful to help his daughter find new ways to improve in her reading and also to establish the right way to solve Mathematical problems. 

Another parent who attended ‘How to Encourage Chinese Language Learners to Read Chinese Storybooks’ found it useful that the speakers covered different areas of topics which can then be used to encourage her daughter to discuss and share her thoughts about the storybooks which she reads. 

Ms Yong, a parent of a Primary 3 student, signed up for ‘Middle Primary: Problem Solving Concepts in Mathematics’ to learn new methods of teaching so as to better support her daughter at home. Another parent who also attended the session shared that model drawing is a mystery for most parents and the workshops help them to understand question requirements for Mathematics and how to help their child construct appropriate models. 

Parents who attended the two Science workshops– ‘Understanding Science: Skills, Tips and Misconceptions’ and ‘Science: A Process Skills Approach’ which were for Lower and Upper Primary respectively, shared that the workshops were a good guide to understanding how Science is taught in school. Thus, they can help to explain Science concepts to their daughters, for example, through hands-on experiments at home to reinforce what is taught in school. 

Ms Gunvinder Kaur Bajaj said, “Learning Fest is very informative and useful. It is a good resource for enhancing parents’ knowledge banks as such workshops bring out new ideas and new techniques.”

Learning Fest 2017 ended at 12.30pm in the afternoon. Many parents expressed thanks and appreciation as the speakers were clear and informative and the workshops had exceeded their expectations. Parents and staff of the school were pleased that Learning Fest was enriching and constructive. Feedback garnered from parents indicated that many would attend Learning Fest again the following year.